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Paxel Logistic

You ever heard of Paxel lately? People said it's a "rising star" logistic, "it's trending", etc.

Well, that's Media Buffet PR behind Paxel solid brand awareness and brand positioning. 

When Paxel entering the cruel logistic market, they have to face bigger and existing logistic players. Meaning more funds, solid brand loyalty, and occupying the market. 

So we designed and built Paxel's brand positioning differently, stealing the spotlight without too offensive towards existing market leaders. Our consistent one year PR & community campaign managed to help Paxel grow 2-3x times faster and bigger than before.


Media Buffet PR is responsible for all of Telkommetra's digital assets.  The idea was to build Telkommetra and its business unit's public awareness as a digital ecosystem with a more human personality.

The challenge was to humanize a very corporate marketing channel and mindset, as well as improving the digital presence using SEO, and other digital PR tools.

The campaign runs in multiple channels, from Instagram, LinkedIn, website, Google My Business, and Youtube. Our cross-channeling strategy brings rapid growth up to 300% within all platforms, without any paid content or advertisement. 


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Amartha Fintech

Our medium-term campaign with Amartha fintech instantly build their brand reputation at the moment they needed the most. In the midst of a lack of trust from the public to the fintech industry, Media Buffet PR managed to established specific public perceptions towards Amartha.

A combination of flagship events, site visits, powerful narration and aggressive media relations effectively buildt not only Amartha brand reputation, but also the CEO reputation as one of the key figures in flattening the poverty curve. 

At the end of the campaign period, Andi Taufan Garuda Putra was recurited to help Indonesia president as one of the special staff.

ZAP Clinic

ZAP clinic was one of Media Buffet PR early clients, came to us with a serious brand issue: to transforms public perception from hair removal into a leading laser-based beauty clinic. 

Along with inventing ZAP Beauty Index: Indonesia’s first beauty consumer insight that currently becoming benchmark beauty & health sector data for media, we build specific ZAP's brand positioning that eventually differentiates ZAP from similar businesses.

Our thought leadership also successfully raised ZAP’s doctor brand positioning as trusted opinion leaders in the beauty industry.   

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PrivyID''s campaign was challenging because the media and the public in general barely knew and understand what and how is a legal digital signature works.


The perception of a digital sign at that time was still "writing on PDF", and the complicated technology behind PrivyID digital signature added with the legal aspect makes it more complex than before. 

Yet, Media Buffet PR impactful narrations managed to not only build PrivyID brand awareness but also helped the local startup to gain a more significant business growth more than years before. 

Otsuka - Pocari Sweat

When Otsuka sponsored 2018 Asian Games, they were planning to secure a significant voice of shares on the torch relay moment, but they couldn't display any logo on the torchbearer attributes. 

Media Buffet PR had successfully helped Otsuka with budget-friendly nationalism narrative strategy, producing massive media publications from local and national media, before and after the torch relay as the result.